Brilliant Flowers (Growing Einsteins)

Brilliant Flowers – Growing Einstein Flowers Design.
Plant the seeds of curiosity, imagination, and studious perseverance and you never know what brilliant flowers will grow….

Brilliant Flowers

Copyright 2017. All rights reserved. Laura Ostrowski / Jitterfly.

Illustration of three Albert Einstein-like flowers growing a a red pot. STEM (Science Technology Engineering & Math) is the foundation of blooming flowers. 

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Stay Weird, Crazy & Awesome

Best advice ever! Stay Weird, Crazy and Awesome!
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stay weird

I’d Rather be Swimming with My Unicatmaid


Here’s another fun unicatmaid (unicorn, cat, mermaid mix) design. See it shirts, mugs, household items, gifts and more at my  RedBubble or CafePress shops.

Unicatmaids are my spirit animal


What do you get when you mix a unicorn, a cat, and a mermaid?  I give you Unicatmaid! With all the frills of rainbows and bubbles!  If a spirit animal is going to be your guide, this seems like magical winner!

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My secret ingredient is dog hair…

secret ingredient dog hair mug

My secret ingredient is dog hair… (so that’s what make it soooo… furry?)

Protect Freeze Peach (Free Speech)


Free Speech… it’s our constitutional right.
Freeze Peach… it’s frozen fuzzy fruit political humor.

Freedom of speech, freedom of the press, free association, free assembly, and free petition… these freedoms are protected by the First Amendment of the US. It’s our right to freedom of expression and it is the foundation of our democracy.

So, unless you have something against frozen peaches  (what?!), let’s PROTECT FREEZE PEACH with humor… and call to action that we “don’t sense our freeze peach.”  [Translation: censor free speech]. Those frozen fuzzy fruits are sensitive like that. Bundle them up, take them out of the freezer,  let them thaw out and speak their mind.

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Smile. It Makes People Wonder What You Are Up To.

Smile It Makes People Wonder 600

Want to make a person curious?  Smile, for no apparent reason. It makes people wonder what you are up to… and hopefully, it will spread faster than the cold virus that is flung from the gooey micro-bits of sneezes.

And instead of an infestation of sniffles… you’ll have a community of curious smilers!

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Cat hair is like glitter without the sparkle.


Cat Hair is Like Glitter

Cat hair is like glitter without the sparkle.

Now, if you’re not a cat lover, perhaps you wouldn’t like that kind of glitter around. However, if you are one of those lovely cat people, having this kind of glitter around reminds you of all the loving that prowls around you. Hiss, Meow, Prrrrrr.

This cute cat design is sure to humor you.

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Curiosity Did What?

Curiosity Did What- 400

They say, “Curiosity Killed the Cat.”… but, don’t tell the cat!  Funny Scruffy Cat Art for Cat Lovers, Owners and Funny People

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