End of the Line Astronauts – No Planet B

Save the Earth. There is no Planet B. In this sad, but funny, End of the Line – Earth Escape Hatch Astronauts design, three astronauts are fleeing Earth, in a hopefully hypothetical beyond-repair future, through the hidden escape hatch in Antarctica only to find themselves at the end of the line without a planet B.  Let’s Save Earth now, admit Science knows its facts, and climate change is real. And be intelligent enough to do something about it now.

end of the line astronauts shirt

End of the Line Astronauts design is in 4 flavors… Black or White, each with or without text. Click links below to see design on t-shirts, stickers, posters, phone cases, and more…



Scribble Earth Designs

A little scribble of EARTH. Here are some fun and activism designs for our beloved Earth… in scribbles.  Earth-Scribble_design-by-Jitterfly-ostrowski

Peace on Earth - Earth Scribble by jitterflyPeas on Earth - Earth Humor - Earth Scribble by jitterflyPs on Earth - Peace on Earth Humor - Earth Scribble by jitterflyYou mess with Her you Mess with Me - Earth Scribble by jitterflyYou mess with Earth you Mess with me - Earth Scribble by jitterflyI'm With Her - Earth Scribble in Blue and Green by jitterflyEarth My Other Mother - Earth Scribble in blue and green by jitterflyEarth is my other mama - Earth Scribble in Blue and Green by jitterflyEarth Enthusiast - Earth Scribble Art in blue and green by jitterflyMake the Environment Great Again - Earth Scribble in blue and green by jitterflyEarth Matters - Scribble Earth Art - Blue and Green by jitterflyEarth Matters - Scribble Earth Art - Gray by jitterflyEarth Protector - Scribbled Earth by jitterfly

Be an Earth Warrior

Earth Warrior Word Cloud

Happy Earth Day!

This Design is for all those Earth Warriors out there… See in Earth Warriors on Shirts, Mugs, Totes, and Stickers

Earth Matters and So Does Clean Air & Water…

Earth Matters and so does clean air and water, animals, birds, bees, people, communities, sustainability, kindness and compassion… Wear & Share the Design

earth matters and so does clean air - colored text.png

Climate Changes. Truth Does Not

Climate Changes. Truth Does Not. ~ Al Gore

Climate Changes - Truth Does Not

(See this design @ RedBubble

Thank you Al Gore and everyone working so hard to help our precious planet. The compassionate, logical, fact-based, and existential movement continues….  Please watch & share the  new trailer for An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power trailer. Movie is in theaters July 28th, 2017 . #BeInconvenient

Letter to Humans, from Earth

I speak for the Earth, for she has no tongue… here is a message I received from her. Pass it on…

“Dear Humans,

This relationship can’t go on like this. Your take, take, take attitude has me overheated and temperamental to the extremes. You’ve melted my ice cap heart and blame me. I’m crying a swelling ocean of tears. I can hardly breathe and you continue to chop me down. When are you going to wake up and smell the CO2? Please consider saving this relationship. If not for me, do it for the kids.

Sincerely, Earth”


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Letter to humans from earth

Nature Never Goes Out Of Style

Nature Never Goes out of StyleFashion styles come and go… but something let’s be real, Nature Never Goes Out of Style.

She’s the icon on true beauty, something that only changes with the seasons.

As we approach Earth Day, I dedicate this Nature Never Goes Out of Style to our dear, ever-giving Mother Earth. Her beauty shines like no other.

See design on Redbubble or CafePress.

Women in Science – Science in Women

Women in Science Matters. Science in Women is Powerful! Be strong, be smart, be geeky and save the world!  Here’s a symbol for all you incredible women in science!

See this design and other Women Power and Science Matters design on my Jitterfly RedBubble Art Shop.

RedBubble: Women in Science. Science in Women Symbol.


(Women Matter. Science Matters. Equal Rights Matter).


Science Matters – Vintage Retro Atom Design

Science Matters Vintage Retro Atom Design
March for Science this Spring and let our government know that Science Matters, Facts Matter. Free Speech Matters. Science is based on data, facts and is peer-reviewed. You’d think that would be the end of it.

Since we’re going vintage and retro in thinking about science, I give you a vintage, retro Atom Design to speak out in the name of Science, and the vitality of our planet.

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