Nature Never Goes Out Of Style

Nature Never Goes out of StyleFashion styles come and go… but something let’s be real, Nature Never Goes Out of Style.

She’s the icon on true beauty, something that only changes with the seasons.

As we approach Earth Day, I dedicate this Nature Never Goes Out of Style to our dear, ever-giving Mother Earth. Her beauty shines like no other.

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Be the Change You Wish To See – Rainbow Chameleon Design

Be the Change - Ghandi Quote - Rainblow ChameleonOne of my favorite, pro-active and empowering quotes is from the extraordinary and beloved Mahatma Ghandi… “Be the Change You Wish to See in the World.

Like the ever changing chameleon who knows how to adapt her skin and change with the environment, so must we…  be ever changing. I chose a colorful rainbow skin on this little critter to symbolize the full spectrum of unity, equality and beauty. It represents the full spectrum of light, and in the darkest night, we can shine in the full spectrum of color, as individuals and as one.

Enjoy this design. Currently available on RedBubble.

Stay Weird, Crazy & Awesome

Best advice ever! Stay Weird, Crazy and Awesome!
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stay weird

I’d Rather be Swimming with My Unicatmaid


Here’s another fun unicatmaid (unicorn, cat, mermaid mix) design. See it shirts, mugs, household items, gifts and more at my  RedBubble or CafePress shops.

Unicatmaids are my spirit animal


What do you get when you mix a unicorn, a cat, and a mermaid?  I give you Unicatmaid! With all the frills of rainbows and bubbles!  If a spirit animal is going to be your guide, this seems like magical winner!

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Home is Where the Dog Hair Is

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Home is where the dog hair is Pillow

Today I Choose Happiness

Today I Choose Happiness


Today I Choose Happiness!  Could it really be that simple?

Everything we perceive is through OUR OWN FILTER. So, there is the choice point. Change your attitude, you change your life. Plus, if you look at cute penguins surrounded by hearts long enough, happiness just kind of creeps in. 🙂

See this Cute Penguin “Today I Choose Happiness” design on RedBubble or CafePress.

Smile. It Makes People Wonder What You Are Up To.

Smile It Makes People Wonder 600

Want to make a person curious?  Smile, for no apparent reason. It makes people wonder what you are up to… and hopefully, it will spread faster than the cold virus that is flung from the gooey micro-bits of sneezes.

And instead of an infestation of sniffles… you’ll have a community of curious smilers!

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Cat hair is like glitter without the sparkle.


Cat Hair is Like Glitter

Cat hair is like glitter without the sparkle.

Now, if you’re not a cat lover, perhaps you wouldn’t like that kind of glitter around. However, if you are one of those lovely cat people, having this kind of glitter around reminds you of all the loving that prowls around you. Hiss, Meow, Prrrrrr.

This cute cat design is sure to humor you.

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