Do something that your future self with thank you for

do something that your future self with thank you for

Do something that your future self with thank you for. Something great, something courageous, something you said YES to. I can pretty much guarantee you won’t thank yourself for all those hours sitting on the couch. Start something amazing today!

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Stay Weird, Crazy & Awesome

Best advice ever! Stay Weird, Crazy and Awesome!
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stay weird

Unicatmaids are my spirit animal


What do you get when you mix a unicorn, a cat, and a mermaid?  I give you Unicatmaid! With all the frills of rainbows and bubbles!  If a spirit animal is going to be your guide, this seems like magical winner!

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Our Appointment with Life is in the Present Moment – Thich Nhat Hanh Quote


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You Choose Happiness Ahead of Time

You Choose Happiness Ahead of Time.png

This is one of my favorite inspirational sayings. I remember a woman speaking to the late and great Wayne Dyer saying this to him. She was talking about her trip to the nursing home. He was curious why she wasn’t upset at leaving her home… and she said “You Choose Happiness Ahead of Time.”

Brilliant. It defines the way we live our life. 🙂


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