Climate Changes. Truth Does Not

Climate Changes. Truth Does Not. ~ Al Gore

Climate Changes - Truth Does Not

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Thank you Al Gore and everyone working so hard to help our precious planet. The compassionate, logical, fact-based, and existential movement continues….  Please watch & share the  new trailer for An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power trailer. Movie is in theaters July 28th, 2017 . #BeInconvenient

Be the Change You Wish To See – Rainbow Chameleon Design

Be the Change - Ghandi Quote - Rainblow ChameleonOne of my favorite, pro-active and empowering quotes is from the extraordinary and beloved Mahatma Ghandi… “Be the Change You Wish to See in the World.

Like the ever changing chameleon who knows how to adapt her skin and change with the environment, so must we…  be ever changing. I chose a colorful rainbow skin on this little critter to symbolize the full spectrum of unity, equality and beauty. It represents the full spectrum of light, and in the darkest night, we can shine in the full spectrum of color, as individuals and as one.

Enjoy this design. Currently available on RedBubble.

Women in Science – Science in Women

Women in Science Matters. Science in Women is Powerful! Be strong, be smart, be geeky and save the world!  Here’s a symbol for all you incredible women in science!

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RedBubble: Women in Science. Science in Women Symbol.


(Women Matter. Science Matters. Equal Rights Matter).


Science Matters – Vintage Retro Atom Design

Science Matters Vintage Retro Atom Design
March for Science this Spring and let our government know that Science Matters, Facts Matter. Free Speech Matters. Science is based on data, facts and is peer-reviewed. You’d think that would be the end of it.

Since we’re going vintage and retro in thinking about science, I give you a vintage, retro Atom Design to speak out in the name of Science, and the vitality of our planet.

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Protect Freeze Peach (Free Speech)


Free Speech… it’s our constitutional right.
Freeze Peach… it’s frozen fuzzy fruit political humor.

Freedom of speech, freedom of the press, free association, free assembly, and free petition… these freedoms are protected by the First Amendment of the US. It’s our right to freedom of expression and it is the foundation of our democracy.

So, unless you have something against frozen peaches  (what?!), let’s PROTECT FREEZE PEACH with humor… and call to action that we “don’t sense our freeze peach.”  [Translation: censor free speech]. Those frozen fuzzy fruits are sensitive like that. Bundle them up, take them out of the freezer,  let them thaw out and speak their mind.

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Peace Love Woman Power Symbol

PeaceLoveWomanPowerSometimes we just need a good symbol to represent Women. In this case, it’s not only the Peace and Love of the Woman, but the Power she exudes. Yes… She Persisted is right!

This empowering symbol of womanhood or girl power is a colorful representation of the gentle and strong female.

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