Whimsical, Inspirational and Fun Designs

As an artist, graphic designer and illustrator, I create artwork that expresses kindness, equality, inspiration, positivity, action, humor and whimsical fun.


The world looks brighter from behind a smile - pink cat by jitterflyThe World looks bright from behind a smile - rainbow face by jitterflyThe World Looks brighter from behind a smile - smile quote black script by jitterflyYOUR DAY WILL GO THE WAY THE CORNERS OF YOUR MOUTH TURN - black script smile quote by jitterflyYour day will go the way the corners of your mouth turns - cute smile orange head - smile quote by jitterfly

IT WASN'T ME, IT WAS MY NINJA CAT by jitterflyNinja Cat - image only by jitterflyCAT MUMMY - Cat Mommy by jitterflyBeware of My Crazy Ninja Cat by jitterflyDon't Make me Bust out my Crazy Rainbow Ninja Cat Moves by jitterflyPositivity Tea Cup- positivitea by jitterflyFreedom of Speech Matters - Equal Rights & People Matter - up-side-down word bubble by jitterflyFree Speech Matters - Human Rights Word Bubble in Black by jitterflyFree Speech Matters - Human Rights Word Bubble in white by jitterflyI'm a Chameleon Disguised as a Human - White by jitterfly
Ocean Mermaid - Word Bubble Blue by jitterflySave the Ocean and the Mermaids - white by jitterflySave the Oceans and the Mermaids by jitterflyRaised By Mermaids - White Silhouette by jitterflyRaised By Mermaids - Black silhouette by jitterflyPeace Robot sitting on Earth - color by jitterflyPeace Robot Sitting on Earth - Line Art by jitterflyPeace Robot with Earth Balloon - Black by jitterflyPeace Robot with Earth Balloon - White by jitterflyPeace Robot - Black Lines by jitterfly

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